Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lesson learned...

   Well, the doctor today informed me after some waiting, painful prodding and X-rays of my foot that I have an overused tendon and it needs rest to avoid further damage or irritation. Running too hard and too fast on top of an unlikely hole in the ground added up to an unwanted guest on top of this, a mildly sprained ankle. All said, I got lucky, but still need to rest my feet to give them time to recover. As it is, sitting still for me is like a semi in hurricane winds. It just won't work.

   This injury seems to be coming at a decent time however as I want to ensure all of my readers know it is easy to have a mistake take away a passion. You can then either choose to find a suitable alternative or sit around depressed and moody about it (a little of the latter is understandable of course - driving past your favorite running spot can be alarmingly discouraging). It is your choice as always whether you then simply give up and wait or take control and find a way to pass the time while maintaining your sanity (and fitness level to boot!)

   So I have decided to venture into other new exercising plans in order to compensate for this injury while attempting to maintain a roughly similar amount of strength in my legs and core to be ready for when I can begin running again. Keep an eye out, I will be testing out some of my ideas and seeing if they will pull through over the next few weeks! If nothing else, they should at least keep my mind and body entertained.

   Hopefully they will turn beneficial for someone out there with the same fate or just looking for a new and interesting way to stay fit! And if anyone out there would like to share tricks they have come across to deal with unwanted injuries and extra exercise free time please share below!


  1. I strength trained the entire 6 weeks of no running. It made all the difference in the world mentally and physically! I focused on what I could do rather than what I could not.

  2. That is what I have been looking mostly into, it has been helping a lot but still having trouble with the lack of free feeling with running. Never would have expected to miss running so much though, especially when driving out along the roads I normally enjoy on foot.